Robin Viera and Son Samuel

Robin Viera and Son Samuel

Terri has maintained a positive attitude and it always amazed me how it was her faith that she relied on to keep her going.  In fact, my friendship with Terri is what really inspired me to look at my own faith and see it as something that really needed nurturing.  It was so wonderful to have a friend with whom I could openly talk about prayer and God, and HOW IMPORTANT HE IS in our lives, especially through the tough times.  Terri Wright is truly one of the best women I know and lives her beliefs.  Despite us living states apart now, we have continued to maintain a friendship.  Terri is gentle and kind, but strong and intelligent, and this combined with the incredible support of her husband and family, makes her an incredible woman.  I know God will continue to work through Terri as she strives to be a light and inspiration for others.  I cannot wait to see how God continues to write her story! Love ya Ter!  

— Robin Viera, South Carolina


I have had the pleasure of knowing Miss Wright as a Co-Worker, Friend and a fellow Church member.  I have personally seen her in action with her “Walking the Walk” of a true Christian when faced with adversity, whether that adversity be of a professional, personal or health related matter.  She has held her head up high and knowing that she is being tested by the Lord and other factors, she has pushed forward.  Miss Wright knows that the Good Lord has a plan for her in this world and she is ready to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

Miss Wright is a truly exceptional individual that can testify to all facets of the human adventure.  She has traveled throughout the United States and Overseas, worked in both the private and public sectors and has dealt with the obstacles of being a single parent due to her husband’s job as a Texas Ranger. 

Through Miss Wrights testimony you will see how she never wavered in her faith and experienced the power of the Lord with his ability to heal and help others.  She is truly a blessing to the communities here in the Texas Hill County and the State of Texas.  A true servant of the Lord.

— JT King, Texas


Terri is an inspiring mentor and coach! She knows what it is like living the rat race, and she was able to provide so many helpful suggestions on living with intention. She provided a road map to help me get to where I want to be and how to get there. I learned many new techniques that I have already put into practice. I have worked on my daily affirmations, vision board and morning formula. The retreat was a very relaxing weekend with time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, talk to new friends, eat delicious food and learn relaxing techniques such as yoga. Thank you Terri for this life changing weekend!

— Vicki Salomon, Texas

Cher and Rocket

Cher and Rocket

Terri’s retreats are inspiring! If you need help focusing on your purpose, join Terri to ignite your passion. What’s stopping you from starting your fire?

— Cher Solis, Texas

Jenny Beasley @jennybknows

Jenny Beasley @jennybknows

The moment I met Terri I felt a positive uplifting energy. Her smile and warm conversation quickly makes you feel at ease! Just talking with her I gained some valuable knowledge and encouragement. You will not walk away from her without loving yourself more!



Leah Pastrano @RiverWalkYogaSA

Terri is an amazing, compassionate person with a story to tell that will open your eyes to your own inner story. In spite of a tragic event that could have turned her onto on a course of endless depression and sorrow, she overcame her grief to build a tremendously successful career and created a beautiful family. Terri’s life experiences have led her to deep introspection, and learning to see the signs of trauma, grief, and stress that can signal serious health concerns. Terri also has an outstanding understanding of today’s corporate world with all of its stress and frustration, as well as the craziness of the society we are living in today. For me, Terri’s grounded, logical approach to self-assessment, goal setting and developing a realistic plan to obtain your goals is one thing that I appreciate most from her coaching. As a naturally warm and supportive person, Terri also inspires trust and self-confidence. I recommend Terri wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to better their lives, and live up to their greatest potential.