Unlock Your Potential

In today’s environment, so many are too busy to think about living with intention.  Society has been driving so much more out of everyone.  It seems as if nothing is ever enough.  You obtain this, then you have to always be bettering yourself.  When will we reach the point of burn out, exhaustion?  Will society ever be satisfied with not pursuing excess?  Is there ever any end in sight?

Then you have to deal with all of the people who don’t live true to their convictions, and they may not have near the experience or certifications you do.  They are the ones that climb right up the ladder.  Why is that?  Based on my theoretical conclusions, we, society, no longer uphold values and beliefs to be virtuous characteristics.  The world is not only on a downhill slide, it is in an avalanche.  Kids as young as 5 and 6 are watching episodes of The Walking Dead.  Whatever happened to prime time television being censored, let alone parents making certain their kids never see or hear inappropriate behavior?

Our society has become completely desensitized to virtuous characteristics let alone values and beliefs.  There is a tremendous lack of respect for life in general, and even more so to human life.  You know as it has been sung in hymns for years:

Be careful little eyes what you see

Oh be careful little ears what you hear

For the Father up above is looking down with love

Oh be careful little ears what you hear

We have become soft and too indulgent in our own selfish ways.  We have been coveting, glutenous, jealous, self-centered, greedy society.  It is always about what is in it for me, not about what’s in it for others.  In the work setting, people backstab, are fools, make mockeries of themselves, but they do not care in the here and now because they are receiving their instant gratification.  When this is the lifestyle you lead, values, beliefs, principles, those are completely out-of-sight, out-of-mind.  So, for those, they are living on cloud 9, life could never be better, but they do not look at the consequences to their actions, let alone the downstream impact they have on future generations.

We as Christians are meant to be Jesus’ disciples, and to expand His Kingdom...not our kingdom.  Let’s take a deep breath and look at this for a moment.  What have we been doing in the way we are living and what is motivating us each and every day?  Many no longer wake up thankful for the blessing of another day and the multitude of other blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

Okay, let’s get back to basics, back to our roots.  When you were growing up, did you dream of living a life of never being satisfied?  Or, did you dream of having a family, a good education, and making a difference in society all while serving God?  Guys, we are all victims to what society has been pushing down our throats for decades, which has completely changed our mindset and way we live our lives.  It is going to take YOU in order to make this change.  Trust me, I know how easy it is to get caught up in what society tells us ‘you have to have’, but I have seen enough and had my epiphany to realize I was not living up to the person God made me to be. 

God has blessed each and every one of His children with strengths, so we can make a difference in this world utilizing those gifts for Him, to expand His Kingdom.  Society pushes for everyone to work on improving their weaknesses, but then you have the peers and leaders insecure of their abilities.  So, they push others down rather than developing them or building them up, seeing the hidden gem they have to offer to the world.  This is a downright shame, but it is because of our society’s mentality anymore.  Again, people are more self-serving rather than having servant hearts. 

Oh let me tell you, people these days take the easy way out anytime they possibly can.  There will always be a scapegoat, it does not matter who has to take the fall, as long as it is not themselves.  It doesn’t matter how pushing the blame onto someone else will impact that person, their career, their family, livelihood, the list goes on and on.  All that matters is they had someone else to take the fall.  All of the stress, the destruction, this is leading others to find outlets for soothing, drugs, alcohol, addiction of any kind.  We are in a downward spiral. 

Only you can start taking charge of how you live your life.  Do you want to be caught up in society’s never-ending web of lies, deceit and destruction, or do you want to start living your life for our Lord and Savior?  Guys life is not easy, but we as Christians have the promise of an eternal life in heaven.  Let’s not compromise our convictions, our belief system any longer.  Let’s stand strong and stay true to our convictions.  We need to completely surrender to Him and allow Him to lead our lives.  When I meet Our Father in Heaven, I want to hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Society has instilled a fear inside of so many.  You need benefits to survive.  What are you going to do without insurance, a retirement account, a good education, certifications?  People are going to look down their noses at anyone, but does it really matter what others think?  Should that matter, I say not.  We worship the Living God, who will never leave us nor forsake us.  Why then do we worry about building up our riches when we will not be taking one earthly possession with us when we enter in the gates of Heaven?  Let me help you get back on the path to focus on what God has ordained you to do in this world.  Remember, there is always joy in the journey and God is always with us.  We are His children!

Much Love & Blessings,