Awaken Your Inner Strengths

With technology speeding life up and knowledge being in the palm of everyone’s hand, have we as society been masking our true hidden talents and strengths?  Having the answer to most any question readily available within seconds has made us dependent on external, sometimes unverifiable data at any given moment versus our own knowledge.  We have been so reliant and complacent on spell check, auto-correct, calculators, etc. that we don’t even try to use our own knowledge for reasoning.  When people want answers, they want them now.  This has increased competition in the workforce, school, home, just about everywhere you turn.  Whatever happened to taking time to ponder things over, use reasoning skills, and just downright enjoy the day?

We barely even have time to breath and understand what is going on in all aspects of our life each day because we are living a life on autopilot.  We have the same routine, day in and day out.  Are we enjoying life and living it to our fullest, or are we letting life live us?

We are truly living in a race that has gone wild.  I see the overall impacts that has sped up our world, and because everyone is in a constant race to be the absolute best, stress has become a health crisis.  We are all trying to fit into ‘society’s’ mold of success, but have we taken the time to reflect and get back to who we really are.  Are we the wives, mothers, friends, role models we dreamt of becoming when we were young girls?

Humans are inherently competitive, but society has added additional competition because everyone wants to fit into society’s mold of success, which consists of:

·       Keeping Up with the Jones

·       Luxury Cars

·       Luxury Vacations

·       Designer Clothes

·       Higher and Continuing Education

·       Certification after Certification

·       Always Wanting to Better Ourselves

The list goes on and on and on, but we are never satiated.  Once we reach our goals, we always want more.  When will we ever find our true happiness?  Thinking about it, do we even know what our definition of happiness is anymore?  It feels like we are just going through the motions, emotionless.  In the grand scheme of life, what is our purpose?  We feel like we have so much more inside.  We want to make a difference, and we feel called to do more, but we always put it off for some day because we are too busy to think about putting it into action today.

Well, if you take the time to reflect and look deep inside, we are never satisfied because it is hard to fit a square peg into a round hole.  Let me explain.  When we are on a constant journey to find success and it is not our internal definition of success and happiness, we end up masking our true feelings, purpose, passion, and we warp it into what we think success should look like, feel, and taste.  We are conforming our entire being to be someone else’s picture of success.  How sad.  We have been painting by number instead of seeing our true beauty, picking up our own paintbrush and creating our own masterpiece from within.

Whatever happened to that beautiful white picket fence, freshly cut grass, kids playing in the yard, and the smell of freshly baked cookies coming from the open kitchen window while mom and dad are sipping freshly squeezed lemonade on the porch, soaking in the beauty of each moment?  I don’t know individually what has taken everyone off the path of being satisfied with the simple life, but I do know that stress plays a large part because everyone always wants to achieve more and more.

Many women put their own interests on the back-burner because they always put everyone else in front of themselves.  At the end of the day, there is nothing left to focus on for ourselves.  We put so much emphasis on volunteering, networking, being visible in the community, along with taking care of the family until we have completely forgotten our own identity.  We have become frustrated and just don’t know where to turn to for help because every area of our life is successful, but we just cannot seem to get our health in order.

Considering it has taken years to mask our inner strengths, awakening your inner strengths takes time, but it is so important to start taking time for reflection every single day.  All successful people have set aside time every day for reflection, quiet time, whatever you want to call it, because it helps keep them centered and focused on where they want to go, every single day.  Successful people do not have to continue putting in more and more because their natural strengths have been tapped all along.  When you are confident in your natural abilities on a regular basis, it is so much easier to balance career, self, family, and most importantly fun!

It is never too late to get back to your roots, find your calling in life, and start making a positive impact in the world.Trust me, it will make you a happier and more productive person because you will be thriving, not just surviving.Plus, you will have the capacity to be present with those you love.