Glimpse into My Journey

When I was a teenager, I was seeking security and love.  More than anything, I wanted someone to love me for who I was.  I desperately read my Bible every night…Psalms, Proverbs, Songs of Solomon were my favorite books back then.  I knew how much God loved me, but my faith was too immature coupled with my insecurities to have peace in knowing that God is all I need. 

From there, I continued to desperately make my own path straight.  I was raised very well to become a responsible adult regarding finances and running a household, but what I completely left out of the picture was the fact that I needed to keep a healthy relationship with God and myself.  I was strong in my faith, always have been, but little did I know at the time that you cannot make or control others to bend and become as faithful and devoted to your ways.  Each person must want salvation and righteousness from their own conviction.  Forcing others is a battle, Psalm 32:9.

The inability to convict others into feeling as passionate about our Lord and Savior unfortunately pulled me away from living true to my convictions.  During my trials and struggles in my youthful ways, I wish I would have kept my relationship with God above my insecurities.  I was trying too hard to control my own circumstances and life. 

Let me tell you, it is very easy as a young adult to get caught up in trying to control where you are going in life.  Ah yes, here comes fear and insecurities of the unknown.  Will you be successful?  Will your life turn out the way you envision?  Hmmm….what are we doing right here?  Are we putting worldly ways in front of our number one purpose in life of being a good and faithful servant, living with faith knowing He will never leave us or forsake us? 

Please understand everyone does this because that is exactly what the enemy wants.  Guys, this is life, and it has and always will be a huge struggle.  This is what I have been through.  I’ve gone down the paths of temptation.  Of course, it was not knowingly at times, but sometimes the temptation was too enticing for me to have the willpower to stop and turn around.  This right here is why Christians need to unite, stand strong, and stay true to their convictions.  I am sure each generation says the world is getting worse, veering away from our Christian values, but in reality, we are allowing the world to suck us away from our values.  Lack of quality time and wanting what others have, the status symbol or keeping up with the Jones’, is pulling us away from our number one priority….worshiping and serving our Lord and Savior.

We must not succumb to the worldly ways because the enemy is prowling around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour, 1 Peter 5:8.  We live like we are robots, never having enough time to think about our actions, let alone what master we are serving.  Do we even have time to think about living with intention?

Much Love & Blessings,