Is She Living Her Purpose

Grace is a successful working mother. Before she and her husband were blessed with a family, her career and success were everything to Grace. Her husband was very successful, and they both supported each other’s careers. It was no problem at all for Grace to put in 16, 18, even 20 hour days, seven days a week. She felt she was making a difference in the world. The long hours and strenuous commute started taking its toll. As her children got older, Grace began to wonder if all the efforts she was giving to her career were accomplishing her ultimate purpose in life. Grace and her husband started a family to be hands-on and raise their children with proper values and beliefs, but how could that happen with such little time for the family? That concept really started resonating with Grace. She left for the office way before the girls got up for the school bus in the morning and was in such a hurry to pick them up before their after-school care ended. Getting home was just as hectic. Dinner, bath, maybe a story, then bed. That was their routine, day in and day out. Was there an end in sight? Were they enjoying life? Although promotions were dangling in front of Grace’s nose, she began seeing what it took to get those promotions…compromise. Grace has never been afraid of hard work, but how much more time could she take away from her family? Was it worth it to her? Was it worth it to her to compromise the ultimate purpose in life and her family?

Grace has always been an idealist, and has always worked hard to make a difference in this world.  Grace is extremely successful in her career.  Her peers, family, and friends always joked that she was an overachiever.  Accomplishing goal after goal is how she measured success.  Grace promoted quickly and worked so terribly hard to always do the right thing.  Everyone looked up to Grace for her accomplishments.  She recognized her success as blessings and was humbled to have accomplished so much in her career.  Unfortunately, her life seemed to take a turn in the opposite direction when her daughters got into elementary school.  Her motivations were completely different now.  However, there is always that ‘but’….. Her family depended on both incomes to continue the lifestyle they were used to living.

Grace thought she had it all together, so why was she so stressed and anxious? She was a Christian, and God always came first, family second...or so she thought. Grace has been struggling with what exactly it is she wants in life. Is she faithfully living her ultimate purpose? Does she positively impact the company she so tirelessly works for? Grace has finally reflected on the past two decades of her life. Deep down, Grace wants to give more of herself to others and have time for self-care and family. The only problem is she is completely worn out after spending so much time at her job. She does not have the luxury of time it takes to even keep their house as tidy as she would like it. All she really wants is to spend time with her girls and her husband and be the wife and mother she was meant to be. Instead, she is juggling all the pieces and seeing them come crashing down one at a time because she cannot be as perfect as she would like. Grace has never felt so much pain because she does not see a way out.

Grace’s goals are to become financially independent, allowing her to be a person who is able to give freely of her time, energy, and money to bless others. Grace would love to have the financial freedom to be able to work from anywhere, part-time, allowing her to focus on family. Having this control over her schedule will allow her to focus on self-care, exercise, and gardening. Grace wants to have the gift of time so she can genuinely show she is gracious, gentle, loving, righteous, noble, and admirable.

Terri Wright